yesterday i sat on my mp3 player and crushed the screen............good thing my birthday is in a few weeks

so any ideas what kinda mp3 player i should get

i need a screen where i can select artists,songs,ect
and at least a couple of G's

i don't much care for them
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One of the new iPods

Errrrm I dunno. iPods ftw
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

I enjoy my Sansa never really had any problems with it, and it can act as a USB type device cause you can set its settings from MTP to MSC, basically between media transfer and data transfer.
My one complaint for it, is once its full refreshing the library(after you add songs) takes a little while. Other then that great audio and good battery life. Ive got the e280. Theres newer models.
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I use a iRiver PMP.
It plays videos, mp3s, records sound, records radio, you can listen to the radio, movies, you can look at pictures, all that fun stuff.
But the thing has got to be like 5-6 years old, its so huge and blocky.

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archos is NOT an ipod, superwide screen, you can buy all the plugins you want, best sound quality, lots of gigabytes, some can wifi...
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seriously, i used to be the most anti ipod kid ever. i got the 80 gig classic, made the switch over to itunes, and i've been the most happy with my music ever. once you get used to it, its much easier to work, and if it breaks its really easy to fix. i've dropped mine countless times, and when ever it seems to be failing (not often) i just reset it (pressing and holding two buttons) and it works like new again.

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umm an mp3 that faps for you?


That would be awesome
Ipods Suck some serious balls!I bought one, it decided to f*** up on me!Just before my warranty ended i got a new one, i spilled a tiny splash of water on it and BOOM!its f**ked up!
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I find it funnier that TS broke his mp3 player and now has to waste his potentially guitar-related birthday presents on a new one

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Best Buy sells these awesome mp3 players called 'Insignia' I've had mine for about two years now. I'm pretty sure they upgraded it sinc then too.

Just buy a case with whatever you get because it really helps to prevent your screen from cracking.
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Archos kicks arse..

I've got the 504, and it's the best thing that ever happened to me.(and yes, I have had many things lol)



I have the 605 wifi, and i love it. best screen resolution of any portable media player out there, dvd resoltion. It has wifi, connects to your computer thru your home network so you can stream all you stuff, supports flash-based games, and it's touchscreen. I have the 80 gb, and it cost me about $280, which isnt all that bad. The only downside is that it's kinda big, but it still easily .fits in my front pocket