Hey guys,

A lot of people refer to Phrasing as a way to get feeling into your guitar pieces and guitar leads. just recently i have been trying to make many simple guitar tracks, and then making a flowing lead over the top, trying to emulate a song with a vocal lead and feeling/Emotion. At the minute im finding it very hard to create this, even when im going back to the real basics of soloing and scales to create a very simple lead. i find that no matter what im doing, it sound to me like the guitar isn't meant to be what holds the song together. Im thinking along the lines of pretty much any Vai or Satch track. An obvious one being the simple riff in Vai's 'For the love of god', Where the simple guitar lead holds the song together and makes it feel like the song is being beautifully sung.

Anyone any tips, advice, ideas on what i could try now?

Much appreciated

You're thinking about it backwards. Trying making some nice sounding vocal lines first, then go to your guitar.
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Jimi Hendrix said he used to sing while playing leads.
Like aetherspear said, think about what a vocalist would sing, then translate it to guitar.
Write a chord progression and then sing over it, recording yourself. Figure out what you sang and that's your melody. After that, you can add some extra licks in, but that's the way Vai wrote most of the lead to "For The Love Of God," though he obviously wasn't singing 32nd-note-triplet scale sequences (that would be an extra lick).
Also, can I point out that Steve Vai has been practicing this for so long and has such amazing compositional skill that he can "just" do this off the top of his head. It takes a long time to be able to pull a song together around one melody.
In the meantime, don't be scared to get inventive and cover up your lack of being able to fill the song yourself by allowing other instruments some more space.
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Thanks guys,

Im going to try and practice this kind of thing now as i think its a very useful skill to have. Will try the methods provided.