Hey all , just thought i drop a thread because i need some new material to listen to , ive been listing to RHCP and john frusciante for the past 8 mounths intensely But there gettign a bit boring at times still my favourite band..

I need some bands to get me playing guitar again because i've only been playing RHCP :P

played 2 1/2 year so beginner - intimidiate.

(ive kinda felt shitty about playing because my guitar is ****ed , encore strat held together with some ducktape around the jack keeps cutting out small ass amp etc)
Kings of Leon
The White Stripes
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Live webcam shows.
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Billy Talent
Nirvana xD
Metallica (Load/ReLoad, anyone ^_^)
Counting Crows are a good undergroundish alt. rock band, thyre stuff should be pretty easy
Turin Brakes for acoustic, underground again (Underdog (Save Me) solo was great fun for me to learn, shpuld pose you a challenge but its not THAT hard)
Bob Dylan, for acoustic again
JIMI HENDRIX (try learning Purple Haze or Fire)
Led Zeppelin
B.B. King has some good blues licks (Thrill Is Gone is good)
ixies, more good alt. rock
Check out Eddie Hazel as well, amazing funk guitarist

Well there good bands to start from. xD and the bands the above guy mentioned. well gl i guess :-p