slow acoustic "love" song, picks up in the chorus.
Crit for crit, need help with the chorus to remove the "cheese"


I can hear the angst in your voice,
I can see the hurt in your eyes.
Even though you don't think I can,
You're letting yourself let me try.

Why tell me that you'd be alright?
You'd just be lying the entire time.
How long do you go on pretending?
Giving the performance of you life.

So I've come, to resue you.
be that one,
that you can't wait to fall into.
So I've come, to rescue you.
be that one,
that makes your faults ring true.

I can't promise that we'll never fight.
I know that we'll not always agree.
But when we hit the end of our days,
You'd be no place but next to me.

A Myspace introduction to:

It's not always rainbows and butterflies,
It's compromise that moves us along. -- Maroon 5