i dont mean for this to be spam, im just courious because i bought a kit off of them yesterday and as i was browsing the site i noticed some nice tube amp upgrade kits. so im just courious if anyone has delt with them before or know anything about them because i think an upgrade would be a nice addition to my marshall... and no its not an mg
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The 1st kit I ever bought came from them. When it came it was missing these parts

12AX7 tube sockets
electrolytic capasitors
rectifier tube
output transformer
all 1 watt resistors

The kit did have instructions but they were for "the old kit" and instructions for the new kit hadn't been made yet. Not only did torres not know how to wire my power transformer (different color coding) but they didn't even know if the transformer they supplied me with would work for that amp.

I spent hrs and hrs on the phone with torres trying to get them to ship me the missing parts and they kept coming up with reasons why it never happend. After 6 months and several very high international phone bills (totaling more than $100.00 USD) I gave up trying to get my kit. That was 3 or 4 years ago and from what I understand they haven't got any better.

I hope you have better luck than me but in my experiance, Dan Torres is a liar and a theif! He took my money but never sent me my kit.
Not taking any online orders.
o damn. well i bought a guitar kit from them the other day. it was cheap but i better get it anyways. and thanks for the info, even if this does turn out ok i probably wont go back just incase
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SoLgEr is the ****ing man!!!!!