Okay the main guitar riff. I got it all down okay, but there's only one thing that annoyes me big time. I can't seem to put my fingers right!

It's like the whole chord is too tight for my fingers to fit it. The first chord is allright but when your gonna play the second chord it just seems to be too tight for my fingers to fit, so i can't get my finger down so i can play the hammer on at the end.

Any Tips on how i can improve playing it correctly?

Here i point out every place it gets to tight for my fingers to play:


This is the things that keep **** me up

Thanks for helping.
practice the chords themselves by strumming them along with teh song...that'll help with the switching...wrt to the hammer-ons (cliche advice) just practice the riff slowly...i learnt this song recently and the hammer ons gave me minor trouble as well
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Just practice the chords.

I used to have trouble with this to, but I got the chords down and I soon started to play it in tempo, or at least close to it...
use your pinky for all the hammer-ons except the last thing where it slides up, you use 3 there.
if you're doing that already then just practice
i wouldnt hold on to the chord, play the notes then release, hammer on, next shape, release hammer on, next shape, i just played it and found that the natural way to do it maybe thats harder but there is no way i could finger that and do the hammers holding or the notes in place and its not neccasary to do so.