Just finished this one up, it's really just one long verse, no real hook or anything, not that I can see anyway... enjoy, let me know what you think

You gotta watch how fast you go thru life
Or it will pass you in the blink of an eye
Try to keep it balanced, nice and steady
And when all you have are saddening memories
Remember me I’d do anything you need me to
Living in hell, I’ll be there with you
You have got to hold on tight for what you like
All I’ve got is time, the future is yours and mine
And please try to realize—
That maybe all of these lies
Were to make you open your eyes
To what’s inside, don’t be surprised
A lie might just be like
The truth in a different light
And what’s different between me and you
Wish I knew sometimes I think I do

There’s two sides to life
All you gotta do is choose
How much of the bullshit
You’re willing to go thru
And at times it’s going to seem
This world wasn’t built for you
It’s not your job to make sense
Of it, you’re not supposed to
You do what you gotta do
To find what makes you happy
I know that this much is true
You don’t have to believe me
That’s the beauty of it all
It’s up to you in the end
Your problems will work themselves out
All you gotta do is live and amend