I really felt this guitar deserved a thorough review, and I was lucky enough to snag a spot to do so. I hope you guys enjoy!


I had been dying to seriously purchase a new guitar since the beginning of the year, and I felt I deserved something of high quality due to my 6 years spent on my old crappy acoustic. Originally my budget was only about $600 but I have expensive taste. In about June I had decided to really buckle down, save up about $1000 and buy myself a well deserved guitar. It took me a while to do, but I did it. The search began to find the perfect guitar. Larrivee, Taylor, Martin; all played and not for me. But then I found a store that dealt Breedlove, and I had always loved their body style more than any other. I was originally going to get the AC250/CR with laminate back and solid cedar top, but the owner emailed me and told me he tracked down this guitar(which I had previously tried), and I was thrilled. After a long wait and constant phoning and asking “Is it in yet?” it finally showed up and I played it for about an hour and a half and I was in love. $860 later and she was all mine.


Body Style: Concert w/ Soft Cutaway
Body Depth: Deep, 4 9/16”
Width at lower bout: 15 ¼”
Scale Length: 25.5"
Nut Width: 1 11/16”
Neck width at body: 2 1/8”
String spacing at saddle E-E, 2 1/12”
String gauge: Light
Finish: Gloss
Top Wood: Solid Sitka Spruce
Back: Solid Rosewood
Sides: Rosewood Ply
Binding (body & neck): Ivoroid Binding; Abalone Top Purfling with bwbwb border
Rosette: Abalone rosette w/ Purfling Ring
Nut and Saddle: Micarta
Frets: Standard
# Of Frets: 20
Fingerboard and Bridge: Rosewood
Inlay Pattern: Ellipse Inlay
Headstock Overlay: Rosewood
Tuners: Gold
End Pin: Ebony
Electronics: Fishman Classic IV Pickup


Ill start off by saying this is my favourite cutaway shape body ever! I never have been a fan of the super light coloured Spruce(I’ve always been a cedar guy) I had always seen, but this one is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a darker spruce colour that I love. The ivoroid binding(and inlays) is another thing I was never a fan of, but man, was my mind ever changed. It completely brings out the body shape and colour, and really brightens the whole guitars' overall look. The rosewood sides are very nice too, large continuous grains all the way around. The back is a really spectacular piece of rosewood. It’s incredibly dark and reflective, you can’t even see the grain until you shine light on it or get close. Some may say differently, but I think it adds character and uniqueness. The Breedlove head is also a really cool part. Definitely a unique style.


Breedlove states that Sitka Spruce tops are almost dead even between “Pure Notes and Power” and “Harmonic and Dynamic”, and they aren’t lying. This guitar delivers deep, powerful bass notes that are perfectly accompanied by rich, sparkling highs. The sustain is incredible. I play 95% fingerstyle/slapping/harmonics(think Antoine Dufour), and it suits my playing style perfectly. Slap harmonics are a dream on this baby. The Fishman IV electronics are simple to use, yet very nice. The onboard tuner comes in handy too. All in all, an incredible sounding guitar and I couldn’t be happier.


The gold hardware is spectacular, I think. Really gives the guitar some flare and pop. The onboard tuner is also a nice feature. Abalone binding, fret inlays, and rosette is also very nice eye candy.


Plays like no other. I really like the d’Addario strings it came with. The neck is very easy to move around on, and has no fret buzz that I have found. Also, the Breedlove body shape feels great. Doesn’t slide off your leg like others I played, plus looks super cool too.


Incredible. With Breedlove’s warranty, your completely covered. The guitar has an awesome support system inside. The case it comes with is super beefy too. It has a nice velvet-like inside with a lot of padding to keep it extra safe. 6 clips on it, and one with a lock. Unfortunately the lock on my particular case doesn’t seem to actually lock, but I contacted the store I bought it from, and they said they'd swap cases with me when their next Breedlove order came in.

Time for pics!

The back is extremely dark and reflective. This is it with some flash, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the grain. Super unique back.

Love to hear your comments guys!
I want that.
Only thing I don't like about it is the Concert size. I prefer Dreadnaught. ;P
Still, its by far one of the best I've played. Its true, the balance and sustain on it is incredible, and it looks fabulous.

I'm jealous.
Great review. I really would love to get a Breedlove one of these days.
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Haha, i absolutely love your rosewood. It's even darker than my Martin's. Breedloves sure are lookers. Grats on your acquisition once again!
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Looks sexy
I love that binding and inlays. (and that Rosette too)
I'll have to look at more Breedlove guitars once i'm in the market for another acoustic
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Looks amazing. I can only imagine what it sounds like! Congrats again man!
very nicee
i have the AD version as well.
simply amazing...i even got mine for $700

btw does anyone know if the newer atlas' are any better then the old ones?
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The new atlas' aren't really "better" per say. They are just, well, newer. And they wanted to introduce the new Stage, Studio, and Solo lines(Basically atlas split up in to 3). The new version of this guitar is the Stage C25/SR. Basically, it doesn't have gold hardware and different inlays from what I can tell.

I like the old Atlas' better than the new, and I am thankful I picked this up before they introduced the new line.
I just got the less fancy ac25/sm a week ago and couldn't be happier. I'm not really experienced in the acoustic guitar end of things (my primary is bass) but I noticed exactly what you did; that this style of Breedlove was absolutely perfect for steelstring fingerpicking. plus it seemed so well rounded-not only was the action above par compared to other guitars in the price range, it had better tone than most of them, the next guitar that had both was a $1000 on clearance taylor, and it didn't have the right emphasis for fingerpicking.

The only thing I'm skeptical about is the fishman IV preamp, it's the exact same preamp that came in my $100 rogue ae guitar (which I found to be an anti-lemon that has actually sounded ok--if lacking in bass--and had playable, realliable action for the last 5 years). The rogue sounds like crap plugged in, probably because of the tonal quality of the guitar, and I haven't had time to really try playing the atlas plugged in, though my initial plugged in experience at the store was pretty good. It'll take more playing around to convince my ear that the preamp is transparent and good and that the guitar itself was the whole problem with the rogue's bad sound.

Anyway, congrats on the nice guitar we seemed to be in much the same boat with playing a crappy guitar for the last half a decade and then falling in love with the breedloves. You're already making me regret not getting a slightly fancier model, though I know I'll have to put in a lot of work playing just to do justice to the ac25/sm. Enjoy!

Thanks for that post! Our situations do sound a lot alike, and I'm very happy that you found a great guitar for your needs, especially being a Breedlove! And don't worry, I already have GAS for another higher model Breedlove.....or 5.

The Fishman IV sounds incredible to me. I've played it through a crappy little amp I have and it sounded great. Although, I never plug in when at home, this thing can be heard throughout my house anyways.

I just got the Stage D25 SR, I'm probably one of the 1st to get it was on backorder waiting for stock when I ordered it, besides the minor cosmetic differences they did upgrade to the LR Baggs Stage Pro pickup, I really don't know much about pickups and am not educated on sound quality enough to do an all out review, but I compared it side by side with my Washburn D10SCE (pretty nice with custom upgrades like bone saddle etc) with an Equis Extra preamp and where it really makes the most obvious sound superiority distinction is comparing them plugged in.

I only have my large Crate solid state electric amp to work with but the D25 made the Washburn sound like it was playing through an electric amp, while the D25 sounded like it was professionally set up with top of the line equipment for a performance, really incredible how it pulled away from the Washburn amplified, don't know how much the pickup had to do with is but I'm sure SR Plus is right up there too
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I've got my AC25/SR plus about two months ago. The sound quality is obviously getting better every day
I just got got an AD25/SF as a gift... it's a beauty, I just spent my entire Saturday home playing =/
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