I have an ESP/LTD MH-103QM and it has a Licensed Floyd Rose. Can I swap an OFR in its place? How will this affect how the guitar plays in terms of sustain, etc. Also, this guitar is equiped with a humbucker in the bridge position, and single coils in the middle and neck positions. Can I put a humbucker in the bridge position and leave the single coil (by me, I mean a qualified technician)...if so, will the 5-way switch allow me to activate the single coil by itself?
yes yes and yes.
the OFR will help so much, it will never go out of tune so you can dive bomb like crazy.
i say go for it
It stays in tune decent now...i usually keep it in C# standard. But the sustain is terrible...the harmonics die as soon as I touch the whammy bar.
Wait I am confused I thought you couldn't put an original floyd in a licensed floyds slot. Do the ESP/LTD licensed floyd roses use the same dimensions as the original floyd? I was under the impression that they do not, perhaps somone can clarify or confirm this?

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Will an OFR fit in the LFR slot on an ESP/LTD M-400?
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"Licensed" floyd is a VERY general term. Some are similar to the OFR, and some are so far apart some can't even tell it's a floyd.

So the LTD ones are the same dimensions then?