Im playing a Gibson Les Paul Studio through a Laney VH100R and Avatar 4x12 (w/V30s).

My settings on the amp are:

Presence: 4
Mids: 7
Volume: 5
Gain: 6
Gain 2: 4

The Rhythm tone on the amp is great but I find that when I click on the second gain stage for solos and single note riffs the tone is extremely grainy and sometimes undefined and harsh. Im looking for something to smooth out the gain and add some definition.

Any suggestions on my settings are welcome but seeing as I just received a tasty 10% off of any single Item from GC that I would use it to help out my tone but I don't know what I need. A Clean Boost? EQ? Overdrive? Compression? New Pickups?

My budget is 100-150 dollars.

Thanks for the help!
Sig What?
Get a tubescreamer (level Dimed, Drive 0) and an EQ pedal and you'l really be able to sort out your tone, you should be able to get both for $150-170 or so.

Compressor might help for solo's, too.
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