when making an electric with a chambered body, what advantages/disadvantages are there for having a sound hole versus just chambering the body and putting the top on over it?
he means like an f hole on the side. there is still a block of wood in the middle that the pickups are mounted too.

i'd also like to know the answer to this, do you really see a big tone difference with a sound hole?
yeah sorry, i ment like an f-hole, i just dont want an f-hole shape, so i didnt call it that.

but for that answer, look at kurt cobains guitar from unplugged in newyork (not the direction im going with my build btw)
if you're talking about a thinline stule guitar, i emailed warmoth about ths once and they told me that an f-hole in this situaions makes basically no difference to sound

take from that what you will