I don't think theres a thread on UG like this yet correct me if i'm wrong... But anyways i'm just curious to know what is the great milestone or accomplishment your band has achieved.

Me personally am pretty proud that my band has gotten on the bill with a pretty big band. For all those who don't know who Brown Brigade are i'm sure everyone here who is in there teens has liked Sum 41 at one point . Well anyways the guitarist who actually had talent left Sum 41 to start a metal band hence the beginnings of Brown Brigade! I think thats a pretty big achievement because this guy has toured around the world and made millions with Sum 41.

Band myspace here: www.myspace.com/closedfortonight listen to Prosperity or the ending of Mirrorworld and your face will implode... Well at least thats what happened to me.

Anyways enough stroking my own... Ego share your accomplishments!
Referring to Victor Wooten
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That's all I heard in that entire interview.

My Band:
the vocals are bit dodgey at times but good overal.awsome instrumental skills very accurate and they make sense, good sound quality too.

Theres loads of crap undedicated players in our area so my band has achived nothing
I would have to say my band's greatest accomplishment is opening for Haste the Day and Gwen Stacy. A close second would be playing At The Throne of Judgment's final show. Our myspace recordings and quality don't give our current music and sound justice and we got these strictly from word of mouth and our live show. I feel like both of those are about as big as I'll ever get without being signed or something.

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Hard to say... they all mean something in their own way.

Recorded and released our own CD - professionally duplicated with cover art, etc.
Played main stage at local festival in front of probably a couple thousand people.
Got airplay and an interview on large corporate radio station
Got a feature on prime time newscast on corporate network TV channel
Have been asked to open for 54-40 and Helix.
Received royalty cheques from SOCAN for above airplay of my own compositions.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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not giving in to having a myspace page or anything.

Being an ignorant fool is an accomplishment?
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Being an ignorant fool is an accomplishment?

Its not like that, we just didn't want to rush some recordings out and stick them on myspace purely so our friends and others from our college could hear them and leave comments like every other small band has done.

And Rupert Murdoch is a fuckstick.
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not giving in to having a myspace page or anything.

that does seem kind of silly

biggest acheivement, supporting no use for a name on a show for their 10 year anniversary tour at the carling academy. was awesome because id been listening to them for years, long before i even started the band, never thought wed get that far
I'm not sure. Tried loads of things.. Black Metal in Scandinavia is like a community, so you kind of know everybody... At least abit. Even the more famous ones..

Well.. a band of mine got drunk with Satyr and Frost, from Satyricon once. They were honestly abit boring xD

Then uhm.. Oh yea! We played a show with Mayhem once, as an opener kind-of-thing. Was alrighty aswell..

I am also a friend of Rolf Rasmussen. The man who helped Varg Vikernes with his churchburnings..

hm.. I've met Gaahl on several occasions.. Never talked that much with him, though - he is a silent person.. Untill he drinks too much.

Then i've gotten drunk with Watain.. Blodarv aswell..

Can't remember much more right now.
Played like 2 cover songs (Sweet Child O Mine and Rock You Like a Hurricane) at the town square. First time out of the garage and it felt great... too bad it was only 2 songs and not the 40 that we know well lol
a full page article in a magazine
opening for dope
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We've wrote a few songs. Yeah...
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well because of my band's new demo, we just got our first gig with a decent local band, at probably the best venue in town. And the manager of the other band is trying to get us another gig with another decent venue in town.

Things are coming up