Just a simple question:
How many original songs does your band have?
For my band it's about 10 so far, but we're working on coming up with some more.
If man is 5, if man is 5, if man is 5,
then the Devil is 6, then the Devil is 6, then the Devil is 6, the Devil is 6,
And if the Devil is 6,

then God is 7, then God is 7, then God is 7
This monkey's gone to heaven.
about 25, but there are also lots of underdeveloped songs that we don't know what to do with
We've got less than 20. We sort of have others, but they've been rejected along the way. The ones we have are either on our first CD, or are tentatively slated for disk #2. The question, though, shouldn't be how many songs.... it should be how many *good* songs.

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i dont really have a band, but I have written n composed around 10 songs by myself
I'm not really in a band either, but I have some 40+ songs around somewhere... with only like, 10=15 good ones >_< or perhaps me being modest :P
2 really shit ones and the drummer record his own, he has like 5

but the band ones are pretty shit
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