I have a though decision to make, on the epiphone website, the review on the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top stated this:

"For a start, the Epiphone's stylish flame-maple top is actually a veneer (a thin layer of wood) glued to to non-flame maple. Secondly, new Gibson Les Paul Standard bodies are crafted from a single slab of mahogany, whereas the Epiphone body - although 100% mahogany - is laminated (several pieces glued together), as is the Epiphone's mahogany neck. On the plus side, these "compromises" allow the guitar to weigh in at 8.7 pounds - somewhat lighter than my pal's Gibson Les Paul Standard, which weighs an impressive, shoulder deforming 10 pounds."


Which kinda puts the guitar down for me

Where as the Agile 3100 has better features and weighs in at 10 pounds which will be better for sustain.


Here's the deal, I walked into my local guitar store and I found an Epiphone Les Paul Plus Stop, I had to try it, it sounded awsome, but maybe that was the peavey. However, when I asked the clerk at the store about this quitar, he doubted very much that it indeed had a mahogany back or maple top and believed it to be chambered, is this like all epi's or what?

The good thing is that it only costs £309 (epi's gones down lately) with a free gig bag and I can get it on an interest free pay monthly deal with em which will benefit me a lot as I am first time student now.

However I don't want to buy a shit guitar so I need to know if the guitar is indeed mahogany with a maple top and chambered or not.

On the other side is the Agile 3100, I have heard a lot of good about these guitars however from USA, where it is obviously cheaper to buy em there and it pays of, I live in UK, and if I decide to buy this guitar, I'll pretty much have to pay expensive P&P and a flight case which will cost me about £322.95 (the good side is however I get a flightcase ), judging by this the epiphone is cheaper, there is a better way of paying for it, and it has a great name backing it, however, I don't want to make compramises for quality.

Can anyone help me on this please?
go with the the plus top

you know how well it already plays whereas the agile can come in and it may not feel as right in your hands
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
There is also a choice of a Tokai but its the lowest end ones from Korea I think and I don't even know half the time whether is mahogany or alder with em.

The epi has that natural deep tone that I love. I was thinking the same too "the boogieman', I would be very dissappointed if it didn't play how I want it to.
Yeah in this case i'd say go for the epiphone. I was looking at guitars, saw the schecter c-7 hellraiser, looked at the specs, thought it would be perfect for me. On a recent trip to guitar center, i tried it out, only to realize that i did not like the neck at all.
My Epiphone Les Paul weighs 10 pounds. Of course, it was made in Korea in 2002.
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Where did you get yours from?

I tried reading the serial on the back of the Epiphone I played, all I know is that it started with "EE".