(Don't make fun of me for my shit gear... cuz It's all I have at the moment)

But I've finally made a commplete decision on what I'm putting in my car for the stereo... I know alot about electronics and stereos and such, and a little bit about cars... But I have a question...

gear list:
no name head unit (has RCA preamp outputs)
2 twelve inch Rocksford Fosgate 200 watt woofers
two 100 watt JBL amps (100 watts per speaker actually sounded ok when I hooked it up in my garage)

now for the question...

Can some draw out exactly how to install this in a 1999 Pontiac Firebird?

the main thing I'm worried about is the power supply... from what I've heard you should have an inline fuse a maximum of 2 feet from the (+) battery terminal...

Is that neccasarry if I'm only useing 100 watt amps? Or are the fuses in the amps sufficient?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: also I think I saw something about that i might have to hook it up through the car's power distrobution system.....?
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