Poll: do you like jack in the box?
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i love it
4 20%
it's pretty good
1 5%
it's ok
1 5%
it's not very good
5 25%
i hate it
9 45%
Voters: 20.
i was just there, and they messed my order up completely!
i tried one of the tacos (that everyone RAVES about) and it was disgusting as well.
so, does the pit like jack in the box?
They use minced meat that is Grade D. Grade D means that it is suitable to be used in dog food as well.
never been
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Theyve never gotten my order right either. But the fact that it has grade D meat does not suprise me at all...McDonalds uses Grade E meat, lower than any other restraunt standard, because quote "It would force the company to formulate a new recipe" so dont judge so harshly
You orderd at the drive thru huh?
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their food's nasty. i went to CA a few summer ago. they are all over the place. but it's just blegh!
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