Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this guitar


I'm a little concerned about the pickups though

1 Custom Shop “Twisted” Tele Single-Coil (Neck), 1 Enforcer Humbucking Pickup (Bridge)

I wonder how versatile it would be if i changed the Bridge to a Bareknuckle Warpig and the single coil to a warm fat pickup for clean tones?

All in all looks a pretty versatile guitar

What single coils would people recommend, my plan here is bridge = Shred Neck = Cleans/Blues

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It's a cool guitar, but the headstock is kinda ugly IMO. I don't think you'll have to do a pickup swap unless you really have to, since it seems pretty versatile as-is. Any HS guitar is great.

Anybody else think this guitar resembles a metal-oriented version of the 90's Telecaster Plus?


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you could change the bridge for something like a seymour duncan sh-4 trembucker, or an sh-6 super distortion. (just my opinions)

maybe a sh-1, or pearly gates for the neck. that sounds pretty versatle to me.

sorry you said single coils. try texas specials in the neck it's a single coil sized humbucker.
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I agree that it sounds pretty versatile. Maybe switch out the Enforcer if you can't get it hot enough (a Warpig sounds like you're looking for overkill though). The Twisted Tele pick-up should be just fine staying in there. And yeah I agree that it seems like a Telecaster Plus (but even at that, the dually-red is probably hotter than the Enforcer so it may be more metal than the J5 besides in the looks department lol).