Anyone here about barker, he got like burned in a plane crash or something. anyway just thought i'd throw this out here.
he got 2nd and 3rd degree burns, DJ Am and travis barker survived, while the pilot, co pilot, assistant and bodyguard died
!!!!!! NO He Did Not!!

everybody knows
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If you are rowing down the road in your canoe and your wagon wheel falls off. How many pancakes does it take to make a doghouse?

Green, because a vest has no sleeves.

Can't we all just get a bong?
ironic how the famous people live and the "normal" people die

even death is a celebrity bandwagon bitch
'never a victim,' the role model said,
bang-bang, the bad guy is dead,
always a rockstar on eMpty TV,
the lesson complete, now the child has needs.
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Oh, that sucks. Travis Barker is a crappy musician, though.

He's a drummer.

There was a thread on this in the pit and I'm sure there is something in Pop-Punk & Emo.

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