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I'm 6'5'' and 300 pounds, so almost any guitar looks like a toy when I play it. And, it's also hard to play chords on most guitars because my fingers and hands are so big.

Can someone give me any ideas on where to start looking for a guitar that has a wide neck and a large body? I heard, although I haven't been able to play one yet, that Deans, for the most part, are what I'm looking for. Any suggestions? Thanks everyone.
Well there are guitars with larger necks, the gibson 50s neck is what jumps to mind but there are plenty. I know buckethead had to get specially a made guitar due to large hands. Quest would be your budget?
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deans have pretty large bodies but my friend has one and the neck isnt unusually large or anything

edit: his is an evo, which has a small body. idk about the necks on the larger-bodied deans, they might be a little bigger

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Definatley baritone guitars.
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like malmsteem? because his sig is ment for big hands also try shecter im pretty sure there necks are thick
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a bass guitar. 34" is standard, 35" is usually for 5 and 6 strings, but ESP and other brands make 35's for 4 stringers as well
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get an 8 string! or get a dean!
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get an explorer?

hetfields a big dude isn't he?

i know razor backs are big too, i'm only 5"6 and i can pretty much hide behind one
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Les Pauls are pretty hefty guitars

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I don't know if they produce them, but I know Fletcher Dragge had a custom Ibanez RG and he's about your size. It kills me to recommend an Ibanez, but you may wanna look and see if they make them.
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newer modern strats (standard, deluxe, hss, etc.) have a 9.5 inch neck radius which was slightly to big for me when i played it. I'm six feet tall and 155 pounds. I'm not as big as you but to me, it just seemed like they had a wide neck.
Explorers arent that big... But give one a go.
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Definitely Baritone. It can handle down tunings very well.

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Explorer will work, but I reckon that PRS guitars would be great, they're known for their wide-fat neck carve.

Baritone guitars will also do the trick well
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for some reason i found the Jackson COW sig larger than a guitar should be.

the 7 string version was at least.

i looked like a damn midget holding that thing, the neck and string spacing is about standard tho.. so that might not help you with your big hands at all.
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