The first one shows the very nice skill you have, has a good sound to it, and great melody at parts. My only suggestion would be to slow down more often, shredding should only be part of the song (My opinion anyway).

And after listening to the second one, it makes me want to delete what I wrote about the first one, but I'll leave it there for completeness' sake. The second one was an amazing jam. I can't really give any critique because I thought it was fricken awesome and I could listen to that all day.

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hey man thanks for the crit on my song

The first song didn't really do much for me...shredding never really does, but it was impressive.

The second song was lightyears better, I really enjoyed the second one. I'd love to be able to jam like you. good stuff man.
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Hey Colin, I thought I'd return the favour and listen to you're stuff.
I listened to the second track. Good playing and a nice jazzy blue almost santana feel to it.
Did you write the backing track yourself? If so, you are a real good muscian rather than just a good lead guitarist.
I was hoping and waiting for the track to build to a crescendo, that you would kick in some fuzz and really let rip, but I'm a bit of a metal head so I always want that.
Nice work.
I realy like the idea of following people's development as musicians via the internet.
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Nice Playing. The first song was good, you should add a little more vibrato.
The second song was great nice vibe you can follow the lead nicely instead of trying to catch up. lol. Overall Great work


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listened to the first song. intro solo was cool, but some of the bends sound off to me. i can hear some kirk hammett influence in a few parts, particularly the first lick when the distortion kicks in good work, and that looks like a good way to practice improv too!