I'm not gunna tell you the real title of the Beatles song, but this metal version kinda has a play on words that might make you lul. I really wanted to add a solo but i really couldn't find anywhere to toss one in. Enjoy. C4C BTW.
Eternal Damnation.zip
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Yeah, that was good, can't really go wrong with some beatles chords and melody.

The only thing i'd say is, the rhythm guitar just doing straight 16ths for the whole of some sections was a bit samey, maybe spice up the rhythm a bit?

Also you seemed to have some random shit going on after the end of the song, dont know what that was about lol.
Well, surprisingly enough, I liked it a lot. I couldn't figure out what song it was supposed to be, but on its own, it was surprisingly good. Only one point to make-

Transition at bar 17= No-No. It was abrupt, and destroyed the flow you had going.

Everything else was good though. I can't think of any other criticism to give. Good job!

Crit mine?
Thanks in Advance
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