Guitarist and Drummer looking for bassist to fill in the Lows.
Evening and weekend sessions at a house with no noise (or other) regulations.
Come to play music and have fun or don't come. Guitarist and drummer are relatively beginner but we know what we like and we f'n rock.
We don't do covers.
We are late 20's early 30's
We like to drink........sometimes a lot.
White Stripes
Black Keys
We are in Danbury, CT
email if you are interested.
Jackson Dxmg w/dimarzios up n down
Jackson DK2t
Carvin DC127
ValveKing 100 head
5150 head
Recto-Verb 112
1960a Marshal 4x12
FFFDFEFRFKFFF,jeremylp,atreyurock9, noahfor, Vangkm, Used666, and sgtshak- great sellers/traders!!
Do you like Death metal? Are you from Connecticut??? DO YOU PLAY BASS!!!!!????

Technical Death metal band Yildun need a bassist, badly. Influences include Nile, Spawn of Possession, Meshuggah, Necophagist, Decrepit Birth, extreme metal. Interested? www.myspace.com/yildunmetal.

Wow you guys sound like my type of dudes lol Im Brian 25 love to jam and chill and have a few (sometimes a lotta beer or Jager lol) I have a ESP Bass and Peavey 100 Watt amp. I play mostly by ear and have been playing bass for over 4 years and been performing for about fifteen years. I play Saxophone too lol. I love the white stripes, breaking benjamin, nirvana, three days grace, everything as long as its good. I live in NE connecticut and would be down to jam and see how we would fit. Hit me up pomposelli@hotmail.com or on here.