sorry to burst your bubble man, but a preamp doesnt give you any extra power, thats what a poweramp is for.
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ohhh sorry
i don't mean i want necessarily more power like watts i want more.. better sound? Sorry a better way to ask the question would be, Will this preamp help improve my sound for styles like punk, some slap and nice finger style.
Hate to say it, but the GK backline series has a pretty low reputation as far as tone goes. Upgrading a more fundamental part of your rig, like cabs or head would have much more effect.
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Yea i really and kicking myself for buying the backline 600 right away without trying others out. The only thing with actually buying a new head is i just bought this head and cab and i kind of wanted this cab and head to last a while before i would have to buy a new one, ya know? I just wanted to know if the preamp was any good so i wouldnt be wasting my money, I'm probally gonna try it out soon but I don't know much about preamps and just wanted to know if there was anything better. Thankyou guys for your replies though.