i have scoured the net for everything, and google is of no help:

i am a first-year electromechanical engineering student and i really only got into this major hoping that after graduating i would be knowledgeable enough to be able to mod my own amp, and perhaps fix other peoples, or even build and/or design efx pedals. i love the technical aspect of them and would love to design some cool analog pedals of my own.

i have an ac30cc2 and i would love to just yank out that shitty tremolo circuit and throw the innards of a fuzz face in there to take its place. id also like to take out the pcb and handwire it all point to point. HERES MY ACTUAL QUESTION: am i in the right major for this? and if anyone has modded a reissue ac30cc2 to PtP specs, or any kind of ac30 modding, can you direct me to some beginners info so that i can learn how i can go about all this. i would like to unleash the monster in this amp. if it helps i play a gibson sg standard (lefty muahaha) and a treble booster this guy made for me locally. if u couldnt notice im a queen fan.
My Gear:

2014 epiphone casino (lefty sunburst)
1994 fender jaguar (lefty sunburst)
2011 martin 000X1AE

sound research ST-200 strobe tuner
park fuzz sound
keeley java boost
dod bi-fet boost 410
dunlop crybaby mini-wah
palmer EINS amp
well, if you knew how your amp routs signal you would know that you wouldn't put a fuzz face where your trem is.

Why would you want to wire the whole thing P2P? I have amps that are P2P and amps that are pcb. There is no difference in sound. Many people will tell you this.

You can buy a kit and wire it up. It's a good way to learn.