HI im am bigginer at acoustic guitar.I got the basics down but i want to get better and i wanna play sum music.The only problem is i dont noe how to read tabs...can some one please help???
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sure um each line represents a string for example:
E at the top would be the high e string and on
each number represents the fret to be pushed down
tabs, ok well basically, you know the strings, E A D G B E and they go (if your looking at the tab)

so if you see a number on those lines, thats the fret you wanna hit. Example

your going to want to pick the 2nd fret, then 3rd fret, then 2nd fret in that order.

Hope that helped.
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yes, it stars with:


^thats HIGH E^



^thats B^









^thats LOW E (thickest)^

reading from the top it goes form thinnest to thickest

the theres the numbers which denote which fret to play.
if theres any wierd symbols, they'll usually have a key to decipher them

but some common ones are

7p4 = Play fret seven, pull of to fret four

4h7 = Play fret four, hammeron to fret seven

5~ = play fret five with vibrato

4b OR 4b5 OR 4b(5) = play fret four, then bend (if there is another number, bend to that, not it is sometimes in brackets)

3/7 = play fret three, slide to fret seven
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The top line of the tab is your high E string (the thinnest string). The bottom line of the tab is the low E string (the thickest one). Why it's like that I can't tell you.. it just is.

Go to the UG homepage and choose "Lessons" in the drop-down menu where you would normally search for a tab. Then type "tablature" and you will find lessons on how to read tabs.
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B ----------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ----------------------------------------------------------------------|
D ----------------------------------------------------------------------|
A ----------4-------5-------4-------2-----------------2----------- |
E ----2-2-------2-------2-------2-------5---4---5-----5---4---0--|
mm m m m m m m

see that? the letters on the side are your strings. the highest one on the tab (little e) is the thinnest string on your guitar. the numbers are fret positions on that string. you then just read it left to right. that is the intro to crazy train.

the m's mean palm mutes on this but look at the legend on tabs different people use different things. like the 12/ means slide down from the 12th position.

and a chord is shown as vertical numbers

E-0-------- 0---------------- 0-0------0-----------|
D-2------- 3--3-------3-----2-------- 3------3----|
A-0-------- 0------------0--- 0-------- 0--------0--|

that is the very beginning of ten years gone by led zeppelin. if you just started do not bother trying to learn that yet. learn crazy train first it is easy.

EDIT: the alignment got butchered but you can tell what i mean.
Well, now that you have five explanations....

Anyway, I didn't see it higher up, but it might be useful to note that notes (numbers) stacked directly on top of each other (from string to string) mean they are played at the same time, like a chord for example. And if you didn't already know, it's read/played left to right.
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