Hey everyone.

I have a 4x12 loaded with v30's. it's an 8 ohm cabinet. 300watts

I just bought a 4x12 loaded with eminence texas heat and wizard speakers in "x" pattern. It's also an 8 ohm cabinet 450 watts rms...

My tube amp has the option of 4,8,16 ohms.

Just to make sure I'm getting this right, when I hookup both these cabinets, do I switch my amp to 4 ohms?

I know this is probably a dumb question, but i've only ever used 1 4x12, so now that i'm going to be using both, I want to make sure I dont ruin anything.

I'm pretty sure 1/8+1/8..2/8...1/4..=4 ohm.

Thank you!
If They connect in parallel it's 4 ohms. If they connect in series it's 16 ohms. take your pick.
Usually its going to be connected in parallel through 2 1/4" speaker cables with most amps
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I'm pretty sure 1/8+1/8..2/8...1/4..=4 ohm.
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