What the hell man!!!!

You have been playing for FOUR years and you can play like that.You must play in your sleep too.

That is quite a bit better than what a lot of people are capable of by that time.I would have to say though,don't get too caught up in the showboat shred.If it is all you got people will lose intrest.You have to be able to write accual songs aswell where as most shredding IMO has little to do with the overall quality of a song.

Now show me a song.

could you crit my stuff?

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I was about to diss kornflipsk8er, but then i realized hes an 03er and im an 09er.
I am inferior to him.

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I am fairly certain that kornflipsk8er is GOD!!!11!!!!1!!
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I check out your music also. I definetly like the music, it was very cool. The singing is a little shakey. But the music behind it and everything is very solid. Thanks.