My band is about to start recording.
We are doing some originals and a few covers.
Mainly in the metal genre.
We are useing garageband
Does anyone who is familer with the software or just the recording process period have any tips for playing, recording quality, or using the software.
Firstly, how do you plan on recording the audio? The knowledge that you're using garageband isn't really enough to help you.

How many microphones do you have/what type?

Do you have an external recording interface?

Are you recording all at the same time, or one instrument at a time (or possibly a few at a time)?

For metal I would suggest using a metronome, which you have in Garageband (although I believe it would be useless for tempo/time sig changes).
The biggest hurdle we ever faced was recording drums. Either you lay down some cash to do it right (4 mics minimum for metal, that means at least a 4 channel interface). Or you take the massive amount of time and program them using your drum program of choice.

Other than that you'll have to experiment. If you have good tube amps consider micing them with something like a sm57 (or 2). If not then consider some type of simulator like GTR by Waves.

Consider DI on your bass. A DI box may not be necessary, if you choose the right plugins.
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