I haven't gotten an answer to this question yet, but I'm wondering if anyone knows what the actual control scheme is on a Jackson RR5FR. Mine has 1 volume and 2 tone, yet Jackson's website says it's supposed to be 2 volume and 1 tone. I also know that Jackson is notorious for making website mistakes. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks!
where do they even sell them online? im yet to find one... sorry to go off-topic btw
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It is 2 volume, 1 tone on pretty much every website selling em
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I have a RR5 (not the FR version), and it's 2 volume 1 tone. The controls on your RR5FR should be the same.
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yeah there 2 volume 1 tone
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It's not a fake, I bought it through Ted Good music which is an authorized dealer. Look them up on Jackson's dealer list, and I was there when the guitar came in with a shipment. It had the usual Jackson box, and tag on the headstock with its name on it.
Cool you have Goofed Jackson.
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Ok, has anyone actually played one of these? Or are you all going to just say, "Well all the online sites say this and that." I know what all the online sites say, I'm looking for actual hands on experience with the guitar.
i havnt played one but i did read somewhere that they too had 1 vol 2 tone on their RR5FR
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i havnt played one but i did read somewhere that they too had 1 vol 2 tone on their RR5FR

Ok, well that's good news then. Maybe mine wasn't just a goofed up one if other people are experiencing the same thing.
I've got an RR5FR as well. It is 1 vol and 2 tone. Took me a minute to figure it out, since I'm so used to my RR3.