Hey all, I'm having a problem with my tone when playing on my high E. When playing on high gain settings, sustained notes on the high e above about the 12th fret sound like they are clipping. Not how they should be either. I understand that high gain/distortion is supposed to "clip" the signal. However, in the setting I am using, the distortion is very smooth. Now, when playing these high notes, is you could imagine "visibly" seeing the sound, it would look like a saw. When playing the equivalent notes on the B string, the sound is smooth as can be. It's not my amp, because I have used headphones from the last pedal in my chain and the sound is still present. I've tried excluding pedals from my chain, and used numerous different combinations and whenever high gain is present, the sound is still there. It happens with the compressor and without, with a blues driver alone, with a tubescreamer alone, and with a rat 2 alone. I don't think it's my cables either as I have used different combinations of those as well. Oh yeah, and it's not limited to a single guitar, because it's happened to both guitars I have as well.

Any help would be appreciated.