I wasn't sure which category to put it under.. because they go all over the board, but my favorite band is The Fall of Troy.
And I've been looking for bands similar to them, but have found nothing that matches up. I like screamo, but not too much of it... because it's only good for so long in my opinion

any reccomendations?
Bad Brains
Gibson Faded Flying V

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Marshall MA50C

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i love the ghostship demo by fall of troy. its so complex, yet flowing and entertaining at the same time.
i got a really good screamo band i hate screamo but i think these guys are brilliant they use it properly

We are the ocean

that the band name, cant remember the song i like by them though.
thanks everyone
I liked them all, except for bad brains :P

any other recommendations would be helpful too
At the Drive-In
Brian Eno fans unite!

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