anyone who's done this..how does it work?

i've only used paypal through ebay...

i know on paypal's site you can "send money"

so would i enter the person's email and cash amount then they would get my information and the money and send my item?

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You give the person your paypal email if they are paying you. You can send an invoice if you choose. When paying, you enter their email and the amount you want to pay.
go to paypal, click send money, put the seller's email address in. You'll be able to see their info and your info before sending any money. You can also choose what type of "goods" you are buying.
There's also a section where you can send a message to the seller, i make it a habit of putting a message "this is payment for (item) as advertised at (hyperlink/website/thread) for the amount of ($$)". Also make sure they get a tracking number, it benefits both the seller and the buyer.
Some other advice, i usually only deal with "verified" paypal accounts nothing has gone wrong yet.
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