well i need to find a song thats lyrics deal with carpe diem or siezing every moment in life in making the best out of everyday. or about the opposite of that such as wasting your life away. something similar to time by pink floyd. i dont really care about what genre or artist or anything. and i guessyou can discuss anything relating to carpe diem and what you do to seize the day.
carpe diem baby- Metallica.

Its not their best song... but it seems to fit what your looking for
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How about "Seize the day" by avenged sevenfold.
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Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold. It's an annoying song, but it fits. And like the other guy said, Carpe Diem Baby by Metallica.
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Bon Jovi can just **** off really.

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What about Carpe Diem by Ensign Eager? www.myspace.com/ensigneager The lyrics fit indeed!

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