so im getting a 5 string soon and my band wants to play in Bflat which on the guitar would be Bflat f bflat e g c
and they want me to tune to the same just without the high c
now wouldnt the 4th string (f) be like floppy as hell?
whats the correct tuning for this?
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5 string comes as BEADG, the tuning you are talking about is drob Bb actually, in theory to play root notes you would tune Ab,Bb,F,Bb,E.. or you could be weird and tune it Bb,F,A#,D#,G# and buy a lower gauge of strings....
Sure it isn't Eb? Looks to me like drop D tuned down 4 half steps

- 4 half steps on each:
Bb F Bb Eb G
just setup your bass with a low B and tune down a half step....
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