Where we weak souls die
And we moving bones dry
In a static repose
Of the sullen sanguine sky

The river feeds the creek fills the stream sustains us each
Like the lingering disquiet of an oceanless beach:
Sense, purpose, and fulfillment
Long out of reach

And what beauty thrives!
Wonder - Sharpened like knives
But this tawdry beauty
Can't glorify lives

An enigma, like purgatory, though the strong take flight
We wait for rapture from empty heaven's heights
We stretch like the shadows
A prolonged absence of light

Just a small simple poem. I've been trying to work with rhyme, something I'm not much accustomed to. I've not tried to do anything really modern, or put any sort of twists to it. I really felt like I wanted to just try to do something beautiful, not saying I did, that is for each of us to decide. But tell me what you think, and I'll be happy to give you a comment back.