I decided I want to have a guitar for dropped tuning stuff. I have an Ibanez AR250 that I never really play, and I thought a mahogany/maple HH guitar would suit.

So, its got 10s on it right now, in standard tuning. Should I get anything adjusted or changed (nut swap, saddles, or w/e...I have no idea about drop tuning) before I throw some 13s on there and tune to drop B?
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I would get it set up professionally. Chances are changing strings there will be some funky things on you're neck, and getting it setup would be nice anyway.

Remember to NEVER tune you're guitar from B to standard or even 1/2 step down. It can and will do damage to you're neck. It'll warp in no time having say 13-60's in standard tuning.
If you would like to play in drop B and would like to go back up to standard, just loosen the truss rod first, simple.

I have an old fender rip off HSS that I keep in drop C all the time, I installed ernie ball not-even -slinky (52 - 11's) and its great.

Although you could use 12's or even 13's for drop B or if you'd like to have a bass guitar lol.