gdae, i ws wondering if any1 could recommend me a pedal thats capable of getting master of puppets style distortion. i play a shit samick fender copy through a alrite fender fm212r. any1s sugesstions would be appreciated
James Hetfield (Guitar Player Oct 1992): "Distortion always starts with the amp. Pedals just site on top of the sound. They don't feel like a full part of it, just some fuzz on top. You can fiddle with parametric EQs and all that shit for days, but it still won't have the smooth distortion of an amp. The last time I used a distortion [overdrive] pedal was on Ride the Lightning, and it was hell. It was an Ibanez Tube Screamer like Kirk uses. It really helps his solos cut through, but it puts a shitty coating on smooth rhythm tones, and it was hard to make it not sound like a pedal. You can recognize Marshall distortion in an instant; that's why I shied away from that and went with MESA/Boogies. I basically use the Boogie's distortion with a non-programmable studio-quality Aphex parametric EQ to fine-tune certain frequencies, dipping out some of the midrange. All my speakers are Celestion Vintage 30s."

In other words, you will probably not get exactly what you want from a pedal, and if you think your guitar is shit that probably won't help with the sound either.
if you use word "shit" to describe your gear, chances are you will never get that tone, or any tone that is decent, or at least tone that will not damage ears. upgrade your gear and then think tone.
It's all about feel
You're not gonna get a good Metallica tone from a Frontman. Don't worry about pedals right now, worry about upgrading to an amp that is going to suit your playing styles more. Then, since you have described your guitar as "shit", you may want to look into a new guitar.