Cany anyone tell me if the Digitech RP250 is great or bad in these categories:
1. Compressor
2. Noise Gate
3. Distortion/Overdrive/High Gain
4. Delay
5. Chorus
6. Pitch Shifter
Most people here will recommend you "Save up for separate pedals. If there's one thing worse than multi effect pedals, it's cheap multi effect pedals."
True the RP250 is cheap for $150.

True the RP250 has a lot of features for $150.

What tone are you after, and what amp do you have now.

Digitech's newest line has 24 bit encoding, USB, 44hrts recording, headphones, true bypass, editing software, etc.

Most of the settings are great for starting out, learning, recording, messing around, etc. It will not do POD or Line 6 type shred/metal without tweakeing. I still consider it a lot of bang for the buck. There are similar pedal's too. And individual pedals as suggested will give you better tone and individual tweaking.
I would like to get something that can take me from a post-hardcore/screamo tone to a deathcore/tech death metal tone. All of the effects idividually would be too expensive.
yea your gonna probably want something else for distortions, the rp's do everything else good but the distortions saund very fake.
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