I think I might have unintentionally messed up my bass amp. I know it's a big no no to play bass through a guitar amp but what if its the other way around? My amp used to have a nice sexy fat & warm tone to it. Well, the other day I played my jap strat through it with my BossBluesdriver pedal for signal boost. Now when i play my bass though it has this ugly static hissing sound, and even with eqing it doesn't go away. I have to turn my treble on the amp and bass ALL the way down just to make the hissing/cycle noise just bare-able. My normal/favorite eq i used for my bass tone was treble on 8, mids on 3, bass on 8 and presence on 5. NoW it it just sounds completely junk. Did my strat really just kick my amps balls? I probably should not have done this but I always hear people say that guitars are O.K. for bass amps, even some guitarists use bass amps/cabs for their rigs so i don't see how it could of ruined my amp. Any suggestions on how to fix would be welcome.
have you busted your horn in your amp?

Distortion can do this
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Horns (Hi-Freq Drivers) always blow they should make them stronger...i usually dont use mine so i can save its life but crushing fuzz F/X sound cool with it though its dangerous...i remember a time when companies would wire a small lightbulb in line to protect them i dont see that too much any more....

you can always disconnect the horn for a moment and play through just the main speaker to troubleshoot if the hiss is still present you are in trouble, it is possible to "burn up" the voice coils of any driver with High Freq sounds just as Low-Freq sounds are obvious killers...horns are generally very cheap you just have to make sure the Ohm Spec matches the old one so the load of the cabinet doesnt change...

Good Luck
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over distorted signals can damage ANY speaker. if you must turn the treb and bass to "0" to make a decent tone, i say you have "blown" your speaker. you can replace it, or have it repaired at your local music shop, or electronics/TV shop. we have a local shop that will repair(re-cone) a speaker for around $40usd.
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Guitar through bass amp is fine. Probably something else. Call House.

PS It's not Lupus.

Nor Munchausen's.