Yes or no? Joe Satriani brand's most basic model at 1,000. I would usually ignore a musician name brand, but I've heard some fine things about the JS line, and it's still an Ibanez. Anyone got any experience with the JS line, especially the 100 (Or, is there a good enough reason to head for a more expensive one)?
edge iii. no.
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they're overpriced, for one. because everytime one gets sold Joe gets a profit. and I've heard bad things about the edge III tremolos
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I have a JS100, the neck on it is fantastic and the Axis pickups sound really good, they're also wired with a coil tap feature too, the trem on it took a lot of setting up at first (it works fine now) but other than that it's a good guitar, i bought mine for £450 a year ago.

I'd still recommend the 1000 if you can afford it, but if not it's still a good value guitar for the money, make sure you set up the trem properly though!
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i'd avoid it, you can get an rg1570 for less which is an all-round better guitar, made in japan, actually has a good trem, comes with a case, etc. etc. etc.
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