I really want to upgrade the tremolo/bridge for my Highway One. I've heard a lot of good things about Callaham bridges. My question is, I noticed that for the 2006+ Highway One you basically need to order the Mexican Standard bridge upgrade. Is this the best bridge that I can replace the stock one with? I assume this is just a fitment issue, and that the Mexican Standard bridge is essentially the same as the Vintage S model bridge but a different size. If anyone can give me a bit more information I would appreciate it.

Also, while in the process of upgrading the bridge, what other components in a stock Highway One would be worth upgrading? I will be replacing the stock pickups with CS69's, but I don't know what if any of the hardware is subpar or worth replacing. Thanks in advance all.
I have a callaham mexican bridge assembly on my MIM strat. The mounting screws have narrower spacing than on an american so that is the difference betwwen the two bridges. Everything else is the same- just string spacing/ mounting.

I have it with four springs and no upbend and the tuning stability is great ( and I use the trem a fair bit too.) The sound is not so much brighter, but has more clarity to the notes and the tone is generally better giving me a fuller tone. I put in a graphtech tusq nut at the same time which is great (and only costs around £5)

Other mods I've done to this guitar are some schaller locking tuners; some straploks and some lace sensors. Straplocks are a lot more secure, but look rather big and odd. I've got used to it, but it doesn't look very vintage. Locking tuners make string changes quicker and easier and improve tuning stability a bit.