This is pretty cool.

Well done and nice executed. Liked it alot. =)

But I think the song itself is abit ... monotonous, and therefor just made for having it in the background. I don't feel like it's a musical piece in itself.

Some positive criticism could be that the drums are abit boring and imo too trebly. Could've been darkened abit in the mix.
Great job man!!

c4c ?
It's not a music piece in the traditional sense. It's the background "music" to a really old video game. lol

The drums are an almost perfect match to the original piece, but the treble thing is a nice call. I had a friend say that about the guitars. Anyway, seems as though I'll have to do another mixx in a couple of days.

Thanks for constructive crit!
That was great! A really good cover! I loved that song in the game! I've recently booted up Red Alert 2.. I can't believe how good these games were!

Anyway, I'm sidetracking, great cover!
Yeah! Of course I did! :P Finally I get to play the latest C&C games, thank god they're bringing it out for Xbox! No way my computer could cope...

You looking forward to it?
That was pretty sick man, the guitar sounded pretty heavy. You recreated the ''growling'' of the intro pretty darn well.


Reminds me of the good times playing red alert 1 lol
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