i have no clue on what this is. for some reason, ever since i got my schecter i have been having strange floyd rose problems. yes it is an origional floyd rose. before there was something rattling in the bridge itself, then i was intrigued by the weird vibration from flutters (my emg's pick up the springs, so i put toilet paper in there), and my bar is shaking because its a bad bar, im taking care of that soon tho.

main topic,

my locking nut is "creaking", what is going on? how do i fix it?
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1. make sure the nut is screwed securely to the neck, the screws should be under the 3 pads.
2. if you have a string retainer directly after the nut, make sure it's down far enough where the strings angle over the nut, and sit at the bottom of the "V" of the locking nut. If the headstock is angled and doesn't have a retainer, make sure you are stringing your tuners correctly, so the string winds up at the base of the tuner and makes the string angle over the locking nut.
3. Make sure the 3 locking pads are correctly oriented and secured. There is a flat base on only 2 edges of the pad, so those edges must sit perpendicular to the strings to lock them correctly.
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