Ok, ive found an sm57 for $100 Au. about 80 US

I wanna mostly record overdriven amps directly into my computer, can I do that? And adapters would I need.

Also is this a good mic for that?

And if I ever need to record some singing or drums will this suffice?
sm57 will be great for guitar recording, overdriven or clean.
u can use it for vocals, just try and get a pop filter for it by using a stocking stretched out over a coat hanger.

for drums... u might want more than 1 mic :P but u literally could mic up a whole drum kit with 57's and get a good recording.

i believe lenny kravitz uses 57's for everything similar to what I explained.
Ok, I think Im gonna buy it, Can I buy a cable and adaptor to plug it strait into my laptop for now?
no. sm57s don't have a preamp in them, so you would have to get one. Just get a basic 1 mic input, 1 out usb or something.
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I would definitely recommend getting an audio interface with integrated preamps. Better sound, low latency, and the 57 needs a fair amount of gain to power it effectively.

If you plug the 57 directly into your laptop, you'll probably get fuzzy sound, a fair delay, and low input volume. It might be usable, but I'm sure you want it to sound better than that.
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Any recommendations at a reasonable price?

Look for a used interface such as the Line6 Toneport GX and get a XLR-TRS adapter with that. Run your mic to that and it should sound fair...not great though.

Recording gear is mostly "Pro Audio" and Pro Audio will cost a lot. I suggest saving up before getting any type of gear..although that mic is a fair deal so you may want to get that now.

A better interface will make you much happier in the end. Don't skimp out.
$80 US seems like a good price.. compared to prices in the UK anyway but.. can I just ask if it's from a reputable store and not ebay? I've read very bad things about ebay and the sheer number of fake shure microphones on the market, with severely poor quality sound compared to a genuine shure mic.