can i get some recommendations for any artists who use lap steel quite a lot?

any genre really, hawaiian, blues, folk, etc.

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Neil Young often plays with a Lap steel player, as does Bill Frisell. Lots of older country music like Waylon Jennings have Pedal Steel players. Check out Sneaky Pete Kleinow and especially Buddy Emmons and his album Steel Guitar Jazz. great stuff. Robert Randolph is more contemporary pedal steel, and he's quite good. Check this video out too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogxTQXAgY3Q it'll change your world, Santo and Johnny are awesome.

Also if you're interested, Jerry Douglas is probably the best dobro player in the world, which is basically acoustic lap steel.
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Hank Williams. Don Helms was a beast steel player.
Wayne Hancock
Pretty much good ole country and honky tonk.
well david gilmour plays the lap guitar on quite a few songs. a few songs from the division bell, one of these days just to name a few.

chuck campbell brothers is a solid player he played with medeski martin and wood when i seen them in rochester in june. heres him ripping it up during a cover of hey joe.


and heres another nasty solo by him during new new orleans