Hey guys!

My name is Josh Wilson (find out more about me on my page)

I've been thinking of making a band now for a while and i don't know anyone to actually start a band with so i put this here!

For starts, I'm 17 (despite what my page says) and i play guitar, im not as good as any professional guitarists but i can get the job done which is why i wanna play rhythm. I was sitting in my room a while ago listening to Soundgarden and playing guitar when i thought "wow, imagine if this and Metallica were to get together..." and this inspired me to start a Grunge/Metal band... but i dont know anyone 2 join lol

so i'm kinda looking 4 people in the area to help me get this band going, im looking 4 people about my age, dont care what gender with a love for metal and grunge! so if you're about 17 and live in Norwich send me a message or something!

Currently need a Bassist, Lead Guitarist, Lead singer (I could probably be backing singer unless someone else wants to) and drummer!

Thanks for reading!
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craigslist would probably help you more

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hey man, i would join.
i play guitar too and am 18.
i live in australia though, so band practice would be a bit of a hike, plus you would have to put up with my love of 80's metal! good luck in the search tho! never give up!
hey i possibly could but i dont know how near i am =/ i live in solihull, birmingham and i play lead guitar love metal and been playing just under 2 years. im 15, 16 on the 27th November.
hey dude try typin party sounds in google

Youll find a site where u can advertise for people in the local area to join your band it worked for me

Good luck!
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Live webcam shows.
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