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Wing it
26 87%
4 13%
Voters: 30.
so yeah i got a latin exam in 9hours... i need to know 300/400 lines of latin
i know none.

im tired.
do i stay up and cram... or epically wing it?
If looks coud really kill,

then my profession would be staring.

Wing It Baby!

or should i say... ingway itway abybay

EDIT: I only accidentally clicked edit, but I thought what the hell!

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Wing it, see if you can get your exam posted on the internet.

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wait wait wait... they invented a new language?
what is this latin you speak of?

man, am i behind with the times....
you should stay up and study
not that you will
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Is it GCSE? I did Latin. Got a C despite doing no work.

nah VCE... Victorian Equivalent

but yeah you got a C without doing work?
i should try that...
If looks coud really kill,

then my profession would be staring.

^ It could work, sometimes my better grades were the result of little to no study time.
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'
It isnt a real exam is it? VCE exams dont start for a few weeks. And were still in holidays
apply discretionary tactics.
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wing it...thats how i live my life...

i plan for stuff

but i just dont study for anything or actually do anything...

im kind of a badass
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Your choices are "Wing it" and "Sleep" which would be the same thing.

You need to let the pipe cool.
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Why not cheat? Write out 400 lines of Latin as small as possible, roll up the piece of paper and put it inside a pen. Then sneakily take it out in the hall. Of course, if you get caught, you will be screwed. But you'll have a story to tell the grandkids.