Poll: Favorite FX tupe
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20 24%
24 29%
3 4%
1 1%
6 7%
9 11%
Multi FX
3 4%
9 11%
1 1%
7 8%
Voters: 83.
i want the one mr. Petrucci has that controls how hot the sun is, and the one that changes the rate at which people die...would those be considered modulation FX?
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Where's the noisegate option?
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That's a tough choice, but i think everyone should have an EQ minimum. Should be the very first pedal you buy.
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Wheres fuzz? Fuzz and distortion are different things! I NEED FUZZ. ah forget it, i'll vote distortion, its a type of fuzz...
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Either chorus, delay or overdrive. All of them are ranked as God's for me due to the fact chorus makes cleans sound a lot nicer for me, delay thickens up the lead tone a bit (based on the settings I would use. I'm just going off when I tried a delay as I don't own one) and overdrive for the fact I love boosting with my SD-1.
I don't really consider volume or EQ to be effects as I've never seen a guitar or an amp that didn't at the very least have built-in volume and tone knobs. They're more like critical components of your sound. You left out fuzz, delay, and compression, and adding in Multi-FX is just cheating. I went with Reverb since in the right environment, it makes a world of difference. Fuzz would've been my secondary choice, but it wasn't listed.
Fuzz, or maybe a synth pedal/ modulation
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Just wondering what you people thought was the best type of effects pedal.

My favorite effect is volume.
As in, if you turn your amp up loud enough, you won't need any of that other crap
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Chea_man is the best.
a "multi fx" isnt an effect per se, its a essentially a group of effects.
BIG difference, genius.

oh, and i see 2 "people" voted that.
2 more people on my "people/animals i want to kill" list. right there with travis barker and Ronald McDonald.

i'd probably choose wah or overdrive.
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wtf? no delay? i cant live without delay. but flanger makes everything sound better. you can make a flanger effect with two delays going at the same time, therfore making delay superior. why no delay?
out of those, wah, but the greatest are octave pedals
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The Suck Knob.

Also: Fuzzes. One can never have too many.

And distortion=/=fuzz.
Just realized...

I don't have a favorite FX tupe. I have hair... don't really need one.

God I suck...

This Guy is Stupid.
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(Overdrive for me that means!)
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I have four tied although I said chorus.

My chorus is ALWAYS on I love a subtle chorus it's great for a doubling effect and great for leads.

OD Thats just obivious. everyone needs an OD

Fuzz: It's just a fun effect and I loooovvvee sustain

Delay: I really love delay also Long short in the middle whatever they are all great
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