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Severed Limb Obsession
7 44%
Torch Her
9 56%
Voters: 16.
I honestly don't care if I posted this in the wrong thread, I just want an opinion on what band name you think we should use.

We play death metal and here are the two we've narrowed it down to.

1) Severed Limb Obsession

2) Torch Her
They both suck. Your trying to hard to be badass.

Try Again.



In case you want constructive criticism:

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it should be like retarded monkey ass rape orgy, there you go thats totally metal
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Really, they both sound hokey. I cannot even bring myself to choose one. I hate when people choose band names that sound very phony and over the top, like the name itself implies you're bad-ass or something. Come up with more options or at least add 'none of the above' to your poll. Unless thats one of the name choices......
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