These things seem pretty freakin awesome. Some upgrades from the current AD series: 22 models vs. 11, 12 effects vs. 11 with a separate reverb. That terrible autowah bullshit is gone, and they added tape echo and and a pitch shifter.

I'm assuming (hoping) that they improved the preamp, although the one they have on the current ones is pretty good.

The amp models are a bit different, too.

Boutique Clean- Dumble ODS clean channel?
Modded Clean- Two Rock?
Tweed 2x12- Fender Tweed Twin
Deluxe Tweed- Fender 5E3
Super 4x10- Fender Super Reverb
Tweed 4x10- Fender Bassman
Express Train- Trainwreck Express?
Boutique Overdrive- ?
UK 25th- JTM45?
UK 80's- JCM800 2203
US 90's- Mesa/Boogie Mark series?
Cali Metal- Mesa/Boogie Dual Rec?
UK Modern- JCM 2000 DSL?
UK 90's- JCM900?
Boutique Metal- ?
Metal Bull- ?

(all of those are guesses on my part)


They look pretty cool, IMO, especially for something like a studio amp/practice amp. I'd be very interested in getting one after I sell my current AD50VT.
I'd definitely like to hear some clips and try one out, but I don't know if I want another modeling amp (I'm pretty happy with the super champ xd for a modeler atm)
looks much nicer than the originals, in my opinion one of the best Solid state amps youll find for such a bargain price.
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I'm curious to hear one of these. The "XL" line was a terrible amp IMHO. It looks like they took the best of both lines and put them in one amp.
I am actually kind of excited about this amp.

I'm a big fan of the practicality and warmth of the VT series as it is, and with the added amp models, it seems to have taken both a bit further.